Flourm Decorazioni Floreali

In keeping with the style of the church or the town palace, with the colors of the furnishings, the floral design speaks to your guests


After a working experience of a different kind occasionally alongside my father in the flower shop I find I have passion, imagination and dexterity, and in 2000 I decided to start this new adventure is born then Florum.


A reality in which are united dynamism and artisan tradition. In the shop of Greve in Chianti, Florum designs and manufactures "floral events".


Respecting the style and colors of the environment, the floral decorations determine the atmosphere of an event, a presentation or a business meeting.


From the tradition of the ancient Florentine families in the rural one, than with the possibility of contamination with modern elements is a guarantee of creative and innovative solutions, Florum provides its craftsmanship: the composition is prepared in every detail, from the choice of flowers to that materials.


The final implementation will be tailored to the tastes and ideas of the customer.


The refinement and sober elegance make the floral decorations something more of a complement of furniture, because they are able to characterize the event over and in addition to the gastronomic moment.


Our experience in advising and implementing the floral decorations contribute to the uniqueness of the moment, making the unforgettable day.

Gian Luca

Gian Luca

The company is specialized in production of decorations and floral arrangements to suit all occasions: weddings, receptions, events in Florence.